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Other Injection Therapies

doctor performing IV Prolotherapy injection into knee

Do more of what you love with less pain by using...

Prolozone and Amnion-Based Injections

While the vast majority of regenerative injections performed by Dr. Belt are prolotherapy and PRP, she will occasionally use other types of regenerative injections.


Prolozone involves the injection of ozone into a damaged ligament, tendon, or joint. Prolozone relies less on the inflammatory response and more on oxygen delivery to a damaged area to promote healing.

Exosome or amnion-based injections

Amnion injections are from the amnion layer of the placenta and is both regenerative and anti-inflammatory.  Amnion can be combined with PRP to create a powerful healing treatment.

Throughout our lives, we will have sprains, strains, degeneration, or tearing of our ligaments, tendons, or joints. Regenerative injections will help stabilize these areas by healing damaged cartilage, ligaments, or tendons so that our patients have less pain and better function.

Invest in your health!