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What is Naturopathic Primary Care?

Empower yourself through Naturopathic Oncology from Aspen Integrative Medical Center in Flagstaff, Arizona. Friends hiking and celebrating the use of naturopathic care as part of her cancer treatments.
Aspen Integrative oncology doctors provide preventive cancer care.A young couple hiking in the Grand Canyon north of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Empower yourself through...

Naturopathic Primary Care

Despite their best efforts the current conventional primary care model is failing to meet the needs of the community as primary care physicians (PCPs) spend an average of 18 minutes with each patient. How can a PCP get to know you, understand the complexity of your symptoms, perform a full physical exam, and make you an individualized treatment plan within that time? The answer is they can’t and your health is suffering.

At Aspen Integrative Medical Center we provide a superior patient care experience unlike any other clinic.

Detailed patient care visits up to 60 minutes directly with your physician.

Personalized treatment plans that combine conventional, traditional, and cutting-edge therapies.

Testing and treatment strategies that emphasize disease prevention, addressing the root cause of illness, and health optimization.

Compassionate physicians, nurses, and staff working together to provide a warm healing environment.

Quick response times from your physician if you have questions or concerns.

Naturopathic primary care focuses on your health as an individual, lays the groundwork for your treatments to be as effective as possible and offers care that stays with you for a lifetime.

Invest in your health!