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Nexveg Hemp SOS Pattie Meal

Nexveg Hemp SOS Pattie Meal

Nexveg is a high-quality, gluten-free, whole-food plant-based protein produced right here in Flagstaff!

There is so much to love about NexVeg, from its locally-sourced ingredients, to it cook-ability, and all the great intention that is poured into the product.  Simply put, NexVeg is oftentimes the centerpiece of our family’s dinner plates!


1. Sandwich

  • NexVeg Hemp SOS Patties
  • gluten-free bun
  • organic whole butter lettuce leaves
  • spicy mustard
  • organic whole yellow onion slices
  • thinly-sliced organic avocado
  • organic sweet relish

2. Pasta

  • Jovial Einkorn organic fusilli
  • organic smoked paprika
  • organic Italian seasoning blend
  • organic canola oil

3. Green Beans

  • organic butter beans
  • organic yellow onion
  • avocado oil
  • organic smoked paprika
  • organic chipotle red pepper seasoning 


Time needed: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Nexveg Hemp SOS Pattie Meal

  1. Sandwich

    bake NexVeg patties at 420F on “convection bake if available)  for about 9 minutes, flipping one. I suggest you use a fenestrated cookie sheet (one that is usually used for pizzas to let the airflow through
    toast buns as desired
    spread spicy mustard on each bun half
    then, and this is the kicker, on the bottom half, atop the mustard, spread a thin layer of sweet relish
    then place the onion on top of that
    then atop the onion, the pattie
    atop that, the avocado, carefully
    and finally the crisp, butter lettuce leaves
    place the top bun on and compress sandwich a bit
    Nexveg Hemp SOS Pattie Meal

  2. Pasta

    perfectly cook the pasta
    drain very well
    place back in warm pot 
    drizzle canola until you have a fine coat on the pasta
    then use enough smoked paprika to cover about 30% of the pasta
    grind in the Italian seasoning, not too much but just enough 
    stir vigorously
    let sit for about 3 minutes so it all soaks in 
    Nexveg Hemp SOS Pattie Meal

  3. Green Beans

    cut 1/3 of an onion into slices about 1/3 inch thick
    dice those slices into small onion pieces
    put in a healthy pan
    use avocado oil to bathe the onion, let is soak in but do not yet turn on the heat
    use about 30 thin, organic, fresh green beans
    wash the green beans, chop off the ends
    then chop the green beans in to 1/3s
    place those in the pan on top of the diced onion
    drizzle some more avocado oil
    let sit for about 2 minutes
    then start the heat, high eat to get things frying pretty well
    after about a minute use:  smoked paprika (enough to cover about 1/4 of the total volume) and organic chipotle red pepper seasoning (about 1/4 teaspoon, ore more if you like it spicy)
    let the seasoning sit in the oil on the food while its frying
    after about a good minute, stir it all together
    cook on high but stir frequently so the oil and the spices mix very well and thicken and stick to the green beans.  The small onions will start to brown and will really take on the flavors of the spices
    after about 7-15 minutes, or to your desired taste, lower the heat and continue to cook until you are happy with them.
    Nexveg Hemp SOS Pattie Meal