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What is Athletic Recovery Medicine?

Cutting-edge therapies to help you perform your best and heal your body faster...

Athletic Recovery Medicine

Whether you are an avid hiker or professional athlete, we want you to perform your best and heal faster after activity. Whether you have an acute injury (sprain, strain, concussion) or have chronic joint pain (arthritis, frozen shoulder) and/or lack of range of motion, we want you to regain function and experience less pain. At Aspen Integrative Medical Center we have cutting-edge and traditional therapies to help your body recover faster and feel better than it has in years. We have treatment options for your chronically painful shoulder, low back pain, neck muscle tension, TMJ, arthritic hip or knee, traumatic brain injury, and much more. Give our office a call the schedule an appointment and determine which healing treatment is best for you.

What treatments do you use for athletic recovery?
    • Low level laser therapy, aka “cold laser therapy” or “photobiomodulation,” is an FDA approved treatment for healing wounds, reducing inflammation, regenerating tissue, relieving pain, and increasing range of motion. 
    • Regenerative injections such as dextrose prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), prolozone, and amnion-based injections decrease pain and increase mobility.
    • IV therapy delivers high doses of micro and macro nutrients quickly into the bloodstream to enhance healing and recovery. Correcting dehydration is important with IVs, but we also use amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to stimulate tissue repair. Our “Weekend Warrior”, “Tissue Repair”, and “Nutrient Enhanced” IVs are all excellent choices.
    • Ozone therapy delivers ozone into the bloodstream is an anti-aging therapy that can enhance athletic performance, support detoxification, increase energy levels and metabolism, decrease inflammation, and reduce pain.
    • Craniosacral therapy is especially helpful for any traumatic brain injury or concussion.
    • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy saturates the body with oxygen under pressure to stimulate tissue repair and the excretion of lactic acid from the muscles. This is much needed healing when living at such a high elevation in Flagstaff.
    • Massage therapy and Chinese cupping has numerous benefits including increasing circulation, providing pain relief, increasing range of motion, and calming the nervous system.
    • Neurofeedback involves gentle micro-current stimulation of the brain to help you recover from a traumatic brain injury, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.
    • Infrared sauna offers a deep cellular detoxification assisting your body to mobilize and excrete toxins from your body. You may benefit from the warming therapy as it soothes aching muscles after an intense workout, reduces chronic pain, or helps you get better sleep. The infrared sauna also helps you relax, reducing stress. The heat created by the infrared sauna also benefits your heart because it increases heart rate and blood flow, similar to what happens during exercise.

Perform and feel your best with athletic recovery medicine here at Aspen.